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How to use Beard Balms

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

So you've purchased your favorite scent of Quest Line Beard Company's variety of balms, you're excited to start grooming your man mane with the care it deserves. Then you realize you have no idea what the right way to apply your balm is. Luckily, Quest Line Beard Company is here to help. Follow the step by step instructions below to make sure your beard is soft, fresh and ready to slay whatever dragon you come upon.

Step 1: Beard Prep

Before you apply your balm, always make sure your beard is clean and trimmed. For best results, apply balm when your beard is freshly washed, and still just barely damp. Next use a bristle brush to remove all of the dead skin and loose hair from the skin under your beard. The trimming process is different for everybody, between electric trimmers, hair/detail scissors, and a razor for line work.

Step 2: Product Portioning

When removing your desired amount of balm, use your thumbnail to scrape out a small amount of the product. Consider the length of your beard when portioning out your balm. For a short beard, typically about a quarter to a third of the average length of the thumbnail is enough. For a medium length beard, about half the length of the thumbnail should be sufficient. And if you have the wizardly length beard, you may need to use a full thumbnail, or experiment with different amounts.

Step 3: Product Prep

Before applying your balm, rub your hands together vigorously until all of the product is liquefied. If you don't liquefy it enough, you may end up with solid pieces of beard balm in your beard.

Step 4: Application

Once you liquefy your beard balm, you're ready to put it in your beard. Start with the under layers near your neck if it's long enough to have under layers. Run your hands through your beard moving toward your nose until you feel it's sufficiently coated. Once your under layers are finished, continue onto the sideburns and finally the goatee. with the sideburns and goatee, make sure to run your hands toward your chin, smoothing out any flyaway hair that may be sticking up. Always allow for around half an hour or so to give the oils in the balm to absorb into your hair before touching it with your hands, or taking pictures. This will keep the balm from rubbing off on your hands, and will keep your beard from looking greasy or oily in pictures. Once your beard is properly balmed, use a nice anti-static comb to keep it straightened.

Step 5: Adventure Time

Now that your beard is looking fresh, you're ready to tackle anything you run into. Should you feel like you're in need of a little pick me up, simply follow steps 2-4 and reapply.

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