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Cheer Cheer to One Year!

Wow, it has been one year already!

Ashley here, that other and mostly unseen half to Quest Line Beard Company. It is hard for us, Nick and I to believe that one year has come and gone since Quest Line Beard Company was founded. I remember Nick telling me he wanted to start making is own beard products 4 years ago. That's right, it took us that long to come up with the foundations for this company.

It started 4 years ago, when Nick wanted to make something for himself that wasn't overly potent, greasy and full of names that he had trouble pronouncing. He also wanted something that played to his scent palette. It is also incredibly hard to buy for someone when nothing sounds appealing to them or they can't smell it because the scent is very light. Trust me, I have tried. So, back to the story of how Nick started Quest Line Beard Company from an idea and hobby to something he loves and wants to share.

What started as something he was doing only for himself, gained the attention of his bearded friends and family members. They enjoyed the different scents he was coming up and wanted him to sell it to them. He had decided to only use essential oils and all natural materials in his product to keep his beard and skin happy and healthy.

Once we moved into a bigger home, he was able to have a room dedicated to his beard products. It was in this room that I found him writing up his idea for Quest Line Beard Company. It was at this point, Quest Line Beard Company was born.

From family support to community support, his dream is slowly coming true. As the behind the scenes gal, I couldn't be happier with his dedication and determination. He is his happiest when melting, labeling and showing off his product to people.

I guess what I am trying to say is that, on our one year anniversary of being a business, please check out our store and know that everything was make by hand from all natural products by a wickedly dedicated and gracious beard dude who loves what he does.

Thank you for reading,


Just us setting up for an event with the help of a tester and friend.
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