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Scent List

With everything going on, we thought it might be easier to make a list of scents. This is so you do not have to scroll to each scent to see what it is all about. We would like to let you know that with every order we do add in a Scent Menu. This menu looks like a restaurant menu, but of our scents. I hope this aids you in your quest for a luscious man mane.


Whether by the campfire or playing the royal court, Bard is a sweet blend of peppermint with woodsy undertones that will keep your feet light as the melody and your focus as sharp as your dagger.


Cleric utilizes several herbs for that divinely magical smell. It features herbal overtones with a sweet lemon undertone.

Dragon Slayer-

Dragon Slayer is a light scent with bold coffee overtones and sweet peppermint undertones that will give the perk needed to dodge all the flames, teeth, and claws you might encounter during your day.


Druid is light and playful like a forest glade brimming with magic. This scent has a light citrus smell with a subtle hint of peppermint.


Like a duel is bound to leave an impression on all parties, so will this light and swift scent. This bold and savory scent has wintergreen overtones with woodsy and citrus undertones.


Mage is a light scent that uses grapefruit and lemongrass with a slight undertone of rosemary to create a balance befitting the arcane.


Necromancer has a resemblance to the days of old when people believed the dead could rise. This bold scent uses several herbs and spices with an undertone of lavender.


Pirate is a mellow, sweet scent that uses bold coffee overtones with tangerine undertones that'll be sure to help keep you skirmishing on the top deck.


Ranger is a medium scent that uses cedarwood, rosemary, and lavender to create a pleasant balance reminiscent of the forest.


This subtle blend of coffee and fir needle is the perfect addition to your man mane to help you disappear into the night like the elusive rogue.


Beware the sirens of the deep with this sweet scent that incorporates sweet lemongrass and tangerine to give this scent a tantalizingly playful, yet alluring quality.


Templar is a scent that incorporates sweet peppermint and tangerine overtones coupled with savory herbs to ward off the hordes of the damned.


Just like the tales of old, Valkyrie will plummet from the skies in search of worthy warriors to bring back to Valhalla. This crisp and brisk scent of pine, smokey cedarwood, and lime will have you huddled by the fire in anticipation of the imminent battle.


Vanguard is a light scent that uses cedarwood paired with semi-sweet bergamot for the perfect woodsy scent to keep you on the front lines.


Viking is a bold scent that uses coffee and lavender to remind you of the days of pillage, plunder, and exploration. Are you ready to bring out your inner Viking?

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