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What is Beard Balm?

Quest Line Beard Company beard balms are a mixture of Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and different essential oils depending on scent. The purpose of beard balm is to soften men’s majestic man mane, keep it healthy, and taming it. Every ingredient has been meticulously researched for its effectiveness, consistency and vitamin/mineral content. Below we have listed the vitamins and minerals, as well as the fatty acids included in each ingredient. It is important to remember that in the event of hair loss, or inability to grow hair, no beard product on the market will generate new hair growth. The vitamins and minerals that are recommended for hair growth merely help hair grow healthier and in some cases faster. As always, nothing said in this post should be construed as medical advice, and no Quest Line Beard Company product has any healing or medicinal properties. Please do not ingest beard balm, allow your pets or children to ingest it, and if you experience any irritation discontinue use immediately and seek physician’s assistance as soon as possible.

Vitamin A has been proven many times over to help with thicker hair growth. However, too much vitamin A can be detrimental to growth.

Vitamin B is considered by many medical researchers to be one of the most important and useful vitamins for healthy hair growth.

Vitamin C helps to build collagen, which is crucial to hair growth, as well as assisting in the absorption of iron, which helps keep hair healthy and strong.

Vitamin D helps to stimulate hair growth, and in some cases helps to build new follicles, which allows new hair to grow.

Vitamin E has a natural antioxidant effect that helps maintain healthy hair growth, and helps prevent oxidation stress and free radicals.

Vitamin F also known as Linoleic Fatty acid helps with hair regeneration

Mango Butter

· Vitamin A

· Vitamin B

· Vitamin C

· Vitamin D

· Vitamin E

· Vitamin F

· Calcium

· Iron

· Magnesium

· Folic Acid

· Stearic Acid

Shea Butter

· Vitamin A

· Vitamin E

· Vitamin F

· Oleic Acid

· Stearic Acid

· Palmitic Acid


· Trace amounts of Vitamin A

Jojoba Oil

· Vitamin B Complex

· Vitamin E

· Chromium

· Copper

· Iodine

· Silicon

· Zinc

· Erucic Acid

· Gadoleic Acid

· Oleic Acid

Sweet Almond Oil

· Vitamin A

· Vitamin E

· Vitamin F

· Protein

· Potassium

· Zinc

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